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Lead Tech Unit at HigherEducation.com, an industry-leading Ed Tech company, powering the largest marketplace of high-intent prospective students in the US. They leverage proprietary data, algorithms, and technology to provide over 150 university partners with unparalleled, cost-effective access to successful students at every step of the student journey.

Industry Education
Region US
Role Tech Lead
Year 2017-2020
SEO Sites.

Scalable sites tailored to increase organic search presence and lead generation.

Propietary Applications.

Development of multiple propietary applications to support the business model. (Builder App, Online Programs API and Applicatons Manager App).

Propietary Components.

Development of components (Tracking, Anti-Spam, Live Chat, and Dynamic Phones) that supports integration with Tech Stack.

Integrations to Tech Stack.

Propietary components created to support the business model. Components are deeply integrated with Salesforce database, SEO Sites and AppTool.

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Programs API
REST API to be used by any application that can connect to the internet.

Why? REST API was the ideal approach because is the lightest way to create, read, update or delete information between different applications over the internet or HTTP protocol. The information is presented to the user in an instant, especially if JavaScript is used to render the data on a webpage.

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Builder App
Interactive content platform to create data-driven experiences without tech-savvy resources or developer code.

Platform leverages Wordpress Administration CMS and integrated customized modules for tracking, dynamic content, phone calls routing, A/B test, Online Programs API and CRM.

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Applications Manager
Tool where students apply for Higher Education

Lead the integration of our propietary components (Tracking, Livechat, LP, SEO Sites, Dynamic Phones) and Tools (Salesforce, Marketing Cloud).

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Education Portals
Online Programs Marketplace Portals.

Lead the OPM Development (Frontend, Backend, Dev-Ops), Data Analysis, SEO and Monetization of multiple Online Programs Marketplace Portals. Creation of KPI's and Internal Benchmarks to sustain an aggresive growth on the business side.

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