Customer Acquisition Frontend    •    UX


Lead frontend engineering on a technology-driven marketing and customer acquisition company driving millions for sales for residential services, business services, and telecommunications brands.

Industry Telecommunications
Region NA
Role Frontend and UX Lead
Year 2017
Reporting Center .

Customized reports on every customer interaction, for every campaign.


Implementation of end to end customer digital journeys for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Automated Optimization.

Development of code generator microservice for an end-to-end customer acquisition automation platform.

Code Generator
Component for shopping experience digital assets automation.

Why? With thousands of daily visits to our digital assets any improvement to conversion rates made a big impact in the business.

Digital Experiences
Data driven Landing Pages

Automated Ad Optimization to find the perfect message to convert shoppers into buyers. Buyflows tailored to every device and platform for the optimal buying experience.

Tools of the trade

Technology Stack: